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Joseph Bulfamante & Son - Plant Health Care Services

All land owners who take pride in their properties want healthy, vibrant gardens and landscapes. Plant Health Care is a cutting-edge landscape management tool that aims to manage tree and shrub health with the goal of obtaining and maintaining a healthy growing environment. The results are healthier plants and better aesthetics. Our system is a proactive and holistic approach at plant and tree care which combines components of Integrated Pest Management as well as a client's own personal imput to develop a custom designed program specific to your property. This program will focus on preventing problems (weeds, insects, diseases) before they happen as well as scouting for any current or future problems.

Services Include:


First Initial Scouting


This process allows us to take an in-depth look at your property so that we may identify the trees and shrubs as well as evaluate plant placement, soil conditions, drainage issues, and other issues while also giving us the chance to assess the current state of your plant material. Each initial scouting will be accompanied with your own custom designed management program.

Routine Scouting and Reports

This step allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. The monitoring may be as simple as annual visits to check on a few special trees in your landscape, or it may involve more frequent quarterly or monthly inspections of all your trees and shrubs. The monitoring frequency and complexity of your PHC program depend on the size and diversity of your landscape as well as your particular landscape goals.

Tree and Plant Fertilization

To keep your Trees and Shrubs happy and strong because when they are in optimal condition they are less susceptible to insects and diseases.

Pesticide and Fungicide Applications

One of our certified pesticide Applicators or Technicians will safely make an application to areas that are infested.


Which can be applied to your evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent winter burn. 

Soil Tests

A soil test will allow us to take a soil sample and process it to discover any nutrient deficiencies as well as unbalanced soil ph that make be distorting your plant material. 

Preventative Herbicide Applications

These are applications which can prevent most weeds from growing.

Herbicide Application

To treat existing weed infested areas

Miscellaneous Treatments

- Deer Repellents and Deer Management

- Soil Amendments

- Soil Injections to treat for leaf miner and birch borer

- Proper Mulch Applications

- Post Construction Property soil renovation

- Plant transplanting

And More!

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