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Leaf Mulching: Introduction

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 19 November 2014

     The cool purple and verdant green hues of ornamental cabbage canvas the boldly colored chrysanthemum, the delightfully sweet scent of the katsura trees linger in the air, once again fall has come and with it comes something that stirs up much debate within communities: leaves. For people living in New Rochelle leaf removal has become a major cause of concern now that the city no longer picks up leaf piles. Something which was routine for years now becomes another issue that you have to worry about. Well, I am here to offer you a solution to this problem in the form of leaf mulching. With these next few articles I will try and offer up the benefits and faults of leaf mulching while providing you with a basic understanding of what this process is and what it entails.

What is Leaf Mulching?
Leaf mulching is the process of shredding the leaves into small pieces using a lawn mower and leaving the pieces on your lawn. This can be done with a regular lawn mower especially if the leaves are dry (dry leaves are easier to shred into finer pieces) however leaf mulching is most effective when done with a mulch mower. Serious landscape companies replace the blades of their mowers with blades specially designed for mulching called "gators" to further enhance the mowers performance. If done on a regular basis this process of waste management has no detrimental effect on your lawn and can actually increase your all around soil health.

     I know what you are thinking, "A way to rid my property of leaves that also benefits my soil? Where is the catch?" but for the most part there is no catch. There are some disadvantages to this system, one of which being pine needles, which are brought up a lot in discussions. The honest truth about pine needles (as well as other items such as acorns) is that they are unable to be effectively mulched, however that does not mean there are not tactics available to use the needles. Another concern is the overabundance of shredded leaves caked up on the lawn's surface. If your leaf layers are too thick, or the pieces are too big, you may decrease the amount of light the grass gets and essentially smother your lawn. It also increases the chance of your lawn being infected by a turf fungal disease.
These are all minor faults however, especially if you have someone who knows what they are       We here at Joseph Bulfamante and Son Landscaping have perfected a system which works for us. We have been successfully leaf mulching for 3 years now and our system allows us to keep our properties spotless in the detail oriented fashion that our customers are accustomed to. If you are looking for a new effective way to remove leaves I would definately reccomend leaf mulching. 

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