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Wait, what season are we in?

  • Posted on:  Wednesday, 07 May 2014

      If you looked outside this April and asked yourself "Why are my perennials so small?" or "Why is my tree not flowering?" don't panic because it is not just you. This year we are experiencing a longer dormancy than normal, with early flowering magnolias and cherries only just now beginning to drop their flowers. Most years us seasoned horticulturists knows that everything follows a certain flowering schedule however this year experts predict that we are more than a month behind normal. By now we are usually at the tail end of a two month stretch of luscious daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, pansy and other spring perennials, but this year these bulb grown favorites only just recently began to thrive.
     Should you be concerned? In all honesty all this really means is that your plants and trees are taking a longer time to come out of dormancy than usual. All plants, trees, shrubs, etc.. follow a yearly calendar based on temperature and sunlight. When the temperature is right, groundwater starts to become readily available again and there are longer periods of sunlight each tree, plant and shrub will begin to come flower, fruit, or leaf out based on their species. The harsh winter we had this year that lead into a wacky start to spring forced all plant material to respond accordingly.
     The end result is that you will most likely see everything burst into bloom a lot closer together this year with early spring blooming trees, flowers and plants flowering and dropping their flowers fairly quickly unless they are planted in an area where they thrive and are well taken care of.

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