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The Path to a Green Lawn Starts with Spring Seeding and Lawn Prep

  • Posted on:  Thursday, 06 March 2014

     With the large amount of snow that hammered our area this winter people are beginning to worry about the quality of their lawns when everything thaws out. No need to fret, I am here to tell you that JB and son Inc. has it under control and can help your lawn spring into summer looking as green as ever! The first step of course is proper lawn preparation and seeding; as soon as the temperature reaches a certain degree it provides your grass with a wake-up call to get up and get moving again. It is at this period that we begin to act. Part of our maintenance plan can include spring seeding which is our very general way of describing the broad list of things we do to manicure and prepare your lawn so that it is ready to tackle the growing season. During this time we edge your lawn, which means we go around and clean the edge lines which keeps the shape of your grass areas and prevents turf from growing over the edge and being an eye sore on pathways or in planting beds.

     We then begin to dethatch the turf and let me give you a little background on what exactly that means. Thatch is the layer of grass clippings and built up plant material in a lawn found between the green grass tops and the roots and excessive amounts of thatch can prevent moisture, oxygen, and needed nutrients from penetrating the soil. It can also become a breeding ground that harbors lawn diseases and insects. These are reasons why we pass a dethatcher (on areas with large amounts of thatch), a mower with a special attachment or hand rake (for areas with smaller amounts of thatch) your lawn and then pick up the thatch that has been brought to the surface. After this process is when we would amend all holes, divots and damaged areas of lawn by adding top soil to keep the law looking level and properly pitched so as to prevent puddles.

     Aeration is also key to correct soil compaction that naturally occurs during the course of the year. Without properly aerating your lawn your soil becomes more compact and what this means is the pore space in your soil begins to decrease which means that air, water, and nutrients will not be able to flow through as freely and roots will have a harder time developing because of a lack of fruitful growing space. Our method is to use core aeration which is to pull out small cores from the ground which produce small holes which allow for decompaction. Fun Fact: it is actually beneficial to leave those cores on your lawn for natural decomposition because they recycle nutrients back into your soil.

     Now that your lawn and soil are properly amended and fortified it is time to apply seed. We hand throw our own custom blend of different grass seeds. This is important because hand throwing allows us to evenly distribute the seed as we see fit and gives us the control to apply less in places that are established and strong and more in places that are barren and weak. It also prevent us from getting seed into your planting beds which can be a real pain. We custom blend our grass seeds based on property conditions because it is important to know that not all types of grass grow under the same conditions. You cannot throw the same seed for a house that has full sun in the front and a nice amount of shade in the back. Also the different types of grasses prevent a disease that effects one type of grass from single-handily terminating your lawn.

     Topping off your spring seeding would be the spreading of fertilizer. It is imperative to use the right amount of fertilizer because as the expression goes "too much of a good thing can be bad for you". Let our maintenance professionals and educated horticulturists make the right applications so that lawn damage can be avoided. Having a true green lawn is far from impossible you just have to make sure you have the right program in place to help it establish based on the conditions of your property. Give us a call today at (914) 632 5973 so that a member of our staff came come take a look at your property and give you a proper turf maintenance plan.

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