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Spring Clean-ups

  • Posted on:  Friday, 14 March 2014

     After this brutal winter the weather is finally starting to warm up and you can feel spring creeping around the corner. With that in mind It is time to start getting your outdoors area in shape, here at Joseph Bulfamante and Son Inc. we begin grooming your home or property for the coming year by providing spring clean-up service to all our cliental. What is the importance of a spring clean-up you ask? Well during a spring clean-up we manicure and prep your lawn for the spring and summer seasons. We will come and clear away all the leaves, dead branches, fallen fruit/seed pods (pesky sweet gum balls) and other miscellaneous debris that is scattered across your lawn and planting beds.
     We will prep your planting beds by removing the existing weeds that liter the quality of the soil and endanger the clean, polished aesthetic that you may desire. We also hand edge all of your planting beds, this gives your beds a nice manicured look because edging them will not only clean the lines bringing out the shaping and curvature but also will help mulch to stay securely in place. Speaking of mulch, we apply mulch upon request, providing you with a high quality pine bark product that helps to insulate roots, retain moisture, reduce the amount of weed growth, and prevent erosion. Mulch can also add an attractive appeal to your beds that soil could never provide.
     Spring clean-ups allow us the opportunity the wipe the slate clean for the upcoming year. Providing us with a blank canvas on which to sculpt your property into your very own masterpiece. Do not wait until the middle of spring to start worrying, if you are unhappy with how your property looks act now by giving us a call at (914) 632 5973 and set up a consultation with one of our horticulture professionals!

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